Royal Courts of Justice


Dredged sea bed
01 November 2021

Inner Sound pilot scheme

In January 2021 a judge ruled that Scottish Ministers acted unlawfully in blocking a proposed no-tra…
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Royal Courts of Justice
13 July 2020

Water Protection Zones

In 2015, Fish Legal, Angling Trust and WWF launched a judicial review challenge against Defra and th…
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Eon Case
04 June 2020

Fish Legal and Information Commissioner’s Office v Eon Plc

E.ON UK Plc dropped its appeal of the decision notice published by the Information Commissioner’s Of…
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Combined Sewage Overflow
03 June 2020

Environmental Information and Water Companies

After a 6 year battle through the Courts, that went all the way to the European Court of Justice, Fi…
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Sawley Weir
20 May 2020

Sawley Weir Hydroscheme

Fish Legal won a legal case on behalf of the Pride of Derby Angling Association Ltd against the Smal…
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