Combined Sewage Overflow

Over 89% of Combined Sewage Overflows discharge into rivers and many would go unnoticed if they were not being reported by anglers



In the last 15 years we have won over £1,500,000 in compensation for our members impacted by pollution.  We have taken the Government to court and changed the law 5 times.  We have fought 140 legal cases on behalf of members and advised members on 181 planning threats to fisheries.




Fish Legal (previously known as the Anglers’ Conservation Association, founded in 1948) was set up to protect all inland and coastal waters in the United Kingdom from pollution and other environmental damage. Fish Legal builds on over 70 years of experience in using the law to fight polluters. Its reputation was established in the landmark legal case, taken in its previous capacity as the Anglers’ Conservation Association (ACA), commonly known by the name of the angling club: the ‘Pride of Derby’.


Fish Legal rules

Fish Legal is a membership association that is governed by a set of Rules, a full copy of which are viewable here:



Meet the team


We have a small team of lawyers – both English and Scots-qualified – who are dedicated to winning cases on behalf of our members across the UK.



AGM 2021


This year’s AGMs will again be held online on Saturday, 27th November at 10.30am. Members will be contacted via email with details of how to register to attend and to submit online votes.

An agenda for the meetings and approved accounts can be found below.

Please note Fish legal 2021 accounts will be uploaded after approval at the forthcoming AGM

For more information about attending the AGMs or the online voting process please contact :-

The Angling Trust are seeking a new Chair to replace George Stephenson. Can you help grow the Angling Trust, increase membership and diversity, and encourage more people to take up fishing?

Following the successful nine-year tenure of current Chair George Stephenson, who will be stepping down in 2022, the Angling Trust has begun the process of seeking his replacement.

The Chair will also serve as a member of the Fish Legal Committee and must be willing and eligible to act as a Director of the A.C.A. Trustee Company Limited.

To find out more about this position visit the Angling Trust’s website:-


Meet the Committee


The broad policy, financial and managerial concerns of Fish Legal are overseen by the Fish Legal Committee.


Working with the Angling Trust

Fish Legal is united in a collaborative relationship with the Angling Trust, the national representative and governing body for angling in England.  Our legal cases complement the Angling Trust’s campaigns and lobbying activities to protect fish and fishing.   Joint membership packages with the Angling Trust are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries and other categories.


Fish Legal Accounts

Published Accounts for 19_20


Fish Legal Vacancies

Want to work for Fish Legal? See our latest vacancies.