Slurry Pollution in National Park

4th January 2021

Following escapes of slurry from a Cumbrian dairy farm which caused a substantial fish kill on the Skitwath and Dacre Becks in September 2015, Fish Legal secured £7,500 for the Penrith Angling Association for the impact the pollution had on trout in the club’s waters.

Documents disclosed by the Environment Agency confirm that a sluice gate at the farm was not closed properly which allowed slurry to escape. The spill resulted in fish deaths over a 4.3km length of the becks, tributaries of the River Eamont. Fish Legal instructed a fisheries expert to assess the consequential losses of the fish kill in the Skitwath Beck – described by the Environment Agency as a “important brown trout and salmon spawning stream”- on the club’s downstream fisheries for the remainder of 2015 and in subsequent years.

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